I ordered a ring at the last minute this month knowing full well that we were flying to our wedding on Saturday July 2nd. Customers like me are always so much fun, right? So, I put a note in the order expressing my concern about when I would get the ring and letting you guys know I would pay for faster shipping or whatever it took. To my surprise I got an email response to my order note! How cool. Then along the way I got really nervous that it wouldn't be done and I emailed again. My Customer Care Representative not only responded but checked in with the ring artist to see where things were at and got back to me after that too. We then discussed shipping options etc etc. I'm just amazed that I placed an online order and got a real person who cared and always responded. She never said "why didn't you order sooner?" lol.

So, great job. All the good FB comments were true. At the end of the day the ring arrived in time and it is BEAUTIFUL. I'm just so pleased with everything about the experience.