Black Zirconium Ring Info

Features and Highlights

Zirconium is an element on the periodic table. It has incredible chemical resistance and does not readily react with solvents, acids, bases or other common chemicals. Such unique characteristics make Zirconium a great material to use in exotic applications. Traditionally, it's used as an alloy in nuclear reactors, submarines, and incendiary munitions.

Zirconium rings are made using this same high-tech Zirconium alloy, which is comprised primarily of Zirconium with a few trace elements. This unique combinations of metals make Zirconium rings a perfect option for those with nickel and precious metal allergies and sensitivities.

In its natural state, Zirconium is a silver-grey color. It earns its stark black appearance through a heating process, in which a layer of hard black oxide grows on the metal. This black layer is much harder than raw Zirconium, but it is very thin. Unlike oxidized silver and black rhodium, this layer does not rub off over time. It is also more durable than black-coated rings, such as black titanium and black tungsten. While this oxidized layer is dark, it is not pure black. Depending on the lighting it is seen in and what it is compared to, it can appear to vary in color as shown below.

See how Zirconium looks in different lighting

Finishes From Left to Right: Cross Satin Finish, Polish Finish, Bead Blast Finish, Hammer Satin Finish/Bead Blast Finish Edges, and Satin Finish

Black Zirconium Rings in Half Warm Light and Cool White Light

Half Warm Light and Half Cool White Light

Black Zirconium Rings in Medium Cool White Light with a hint of Warm Light

Medium Cool White Light with a hint of Warm Light

Black Zirconium Rings in Cool White Light

Cool White Light

Black Zirconium Rings in Cool Bright White Light with a hint of Warm Light

Cool White Light with a hint of Warm Light on a White Background

Black Zirconium Rings with a Cool White Light with a hint of Warm Light

Cool White Light with a hint of Warm Light on a Black Background

Black Zirconium Rings in Window Light on a Cloudy Day

Window Light on a Cloudy Day

Wear and Care

The black layer of Zirconium is, however, subject to scratching and the silver can show through if it is scratched. If you are very hard on your rings, Zirconium may not be the ideal choice unless you’re willing to take care of it. Elysium could be an excellent alternative for someone looking for a black ring that simply won’t scratch. On the other hand, Zirconium is the most versatile of all black metal rings and, if taken care of, can last many years.

We recommend Zirconium for customers complaining of nearly any type of metal allergies and other metal sensitivities. To our current knowledge, we’ve never heard of anyone with a Zirconium sensitivity or allergy.


Black Zirconium rings need no special care. As long as they don't contain meteorite, they can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner. If your ring does contain meteorite please refer to the meteorite cleaning instructions.

Customization and Personalization

Zirconium gives the most options for design, style, and customization of any black material. These rings can be inlaid with hardwood, meteorite, carbon fiber, precious metals, set with diamonds and gemstones, carved and laser engraved, and made in unique designs and shapes. When a Zirconium ring has a carved or milled design on it, the ring can be either two-toned silver and black or all black.