Cobalt Chrome Rings Info

Features and Highlights

Cobalt Chrome is an alloy, made up of a mixture of Chromium, Cobalt and a few other metals. Both Cobalt and Chromium are elements on the periodic table. Cobalt Chrome is often used specifically for its strength in applications with high temperatures, such as jet engine turbines. It is also a hypoallergenic metal, and often used in orthopedic applications and cardiovascular stents.

Cobalt Chrome is a bright white metal with a brilliant luster. Cobalt Chrome rings have gained incredible popularity over a short period of time, largely due to weight and color. The metal has the heft of gold and the look of rhodium plated platinum, while being many times harder and more durable than both.

Wear and Care

Cobalt Chrome rings need no special care. They can be worn in all kinds of environments and conditions. The metal will scuff and mar over time but will hold up to a great deal of abuse without cracking, breaking, or showing deep scratches. The rings will not fade or change color.

Cobalt Chrome is considered a hypoallergenic metal. While our Cobalt Chrome does contain some nickel, it is still used in medical applications including cardiovascular stents and bone repair. Although we do not often see allergy issues, those with skin sensitivities to nickel could potentially show some reaction.


Cobalt Chrome rings need no special care. As long as they don't contain meteorite, they can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner. If your ring does contain meteorite please refer to the meteorite cleaning instructions.

Customization and Personalization

Cobalt Chrome rings have many options for customization and can be combined with many materials, such as meteorite, hardwood, camo, carbon fiber, etc. Cobalt Chrome rings are often personalized with such inlays, gemstone and/or diamond settings, laser engravings, and combinations of each. It is one of the most versatile metals that we offer and is often chosen for these reasons.