Hardwood Ring Info

Features and Highlights

Our wood species represent some of the most beautiful, rare, and exotic hardwoods available in the world, all coming from a variety of countries and representing nearly every major region of the world. Click here to see the available wood types.

Each piece of hardwood varies slightly in character, color, and grain pattern, ensuring every wood ring is truly one of a kind. Wood’s raw, organic nature and inherent beauty is both rustic and refined. Its rich origin and exclusive markings speak to its distinctness amongst traditional metal wedding bands.

Wear and Care

Each hardwood ring is finished with a layer of resin to seal the wood from moisture. It is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to water and to chemicals. We also recommend that these rings be worn with care and be removed during harsh activities or in environments that would be potentially damaging to the wood inlay.

The resin also protects the wood from scratching and other damage and can in many cases be re-polished to return the ring to its original beauty. We will factory refurbish these rings anytime for free. We similarly guarantee the inlay for life in the case of cracking or breakage.

Customization and Personalization

Hardwood is available as an inlay or sleeve in any metal, either contemporary or precious. Wood inlays start at 3mm as anything smaller than this would be both too brittle and too small to highlight the wood.