Lashbrook Damascus Rings

Looking for a bold mens wedding ring style? Look no further than the Damascus steel rings from Lashbrook. Each of the Lashbrook Damascus rings has a custom design with unique features such as cerakote inlays and hardwood sleeves. Stonebrook Jewelry is proud to offer an extensive number of pieces from the stunning Lashbrook Damascus ring collection.

Significance of Damascus Wedding Bands

Lashbrook Damascus rings are perfect for men who prefer jewelry with cultural significance. Damascus is named for the renowned swordsmiths of Syria who invented the material. Vikings and samurais relied on the durable and lightweight metal to create swords that would conquer their enemies. When you wear a Lashbrook steel ring, you will feel that same sense of power and strength. Modern wedding bands crafted from Damascus have that same high level of durability. Multiple layers of steel alloys are forged together to create a single solid piece that will last for years to come. Each layer creates new patterns for the ring, promising a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Beauty of Lashbrook Damascus Rings at Stonebrook Jewelry

Damascus rings are highly coveted due to the flowing pattern that appears on the surface. Lashbrook Damascus rings have custom inclusions to make them stand out even more. Popular design choices include Celtic inlays, infinity knot designs, gold inlays, gold sleeves, and hardwood sleeves. All rings are made by hand and use techniques reminiscent of ancient blacksmiths. The high-quality craftsmanship that goes into creating every ring guarantees a piece that is both tough and durable.

Choose Stonebrook Jewelry as your source for Lashbrook Damascus rings. Each custom handmade band is protected under their lifetime warranty policies. Contact us if you have any questions or if you'd like to create a custom ring.

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