Lashbrook Rings

When thinking about mens wedding bands, what do you picture? In past generations it was usually a simple band of gold or titanium. Now, creative designers have been using high tech and unusual materials to create a revolution in men's jewelry. Here are three Lashbrook ring materials that break the mold:

Lashbrook Black Zirconium Rings

Black Zirconium is a stunning black metal forged in intense temperatures. This lightweight material can be polished to a high shine or kept matte. It is versatile and works well alone and inlaid with materials like Cerakote ceramic and rose gold.

Lashbrook Gibeon meteorite Rings

Gibeon meteorite is used as an accent for many other materials. This soft, cool gray stone has a uniquely striking crystalline structure. No two pieces are alike here. Gibeon meteorite, because of its high nickel content, is also much less likely to rust than other meteorite inlays.

Lashbrook Carbon Fiber Rings

If you want to stay on the cutting edge of tech and design, consider carbon fiber. These ultra lightweight rings are made out of seriously tough stuff. However, they aren't just functional. The matte black carbon fiber is stylish alone or paired with other materials.

Mens Wedding Bands From High Tech to Out of This World

Are you looking for the latest high tech materials, or do you want a mens wedding band that takes traditional design in a new direction? View our wide collection of Lashbrook rings at Stonebrook Jewelry. Our online store carries hundreds of options and we also offer a custom design service. Browse our website today to get started.

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