Lashbrook Zirconium Rings

Zirconium is a high quality material used in submarines. It’s more durable than black tungsten and black titanium. Zirconium starts out in a silver-grey color and turns black under heat. Zirconium rings are beautiful and ideal for those with precious metal allergies. And the Lashbrook zirconium rings at Stonebrook Jewelry are a standout. Lashbrook zirconium rings can be inlaid with diamonds and hardwood or laser engraved. These rings can also be either all black or two-toned silver.

Lashbrook Zirconium Rings Designs

Take a look at the all of the Lashbrook zirconium rings at Stonebrook Jewelry. The center infinity heart milled Celtic design inlay ring is ideal as a wedding band. It has a cross satin finish and grooved edges. The black zirconium ring with claddagh milled Celtic design symbolizes love, friendship and loyalty. With its polish finish and flat edges, it’s a showstopper. Its pattern can even be modified at Stonebrook Jewelry. You can find black zirconium rings with 14K rose gold inlay and green sapphires. The Lashbrook zirconium rings at Stonebrook Jewelry are unique and classic. The Lashbrook zirconium ring with dinosaur bone and turquoise inlays proves that.

Customized Zirconium Ring At Stonebrook Jewelry

You can have your zirconium ring customized if you wish. Stonebrook Jewelry is dedicated to crafting you a ring that will be cherished your whole life. We can custom make every ring to your specifications. And it’s easy to shop with us at Stonebrook Jewelry. Just go right to our online site and browse. You’re sure to find that picture-perfect ring that will last you a lifetime.

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