Lashbrook Wood Rings

At Stonebrook Jewelry, we carry a wide range of Lashbrook wood rings. Exotic hardwoods are an extremely popular option for men's jewelry. Why? It's because this all natural material is unique, durable, and comfortable to wear. There are many hardwoods to choose from, each with their own character. Here's how to select the right one and how to care for your new wood ring:

Wood Rings With Character

The first question to ask yourself is whether you want a more traditional looking ring or one that's colorful and highly patterned. Lashbrook wood rings look amazing simple and in unique variations. For the first option, some good choices include Desert Ironwood Burl, American Oak, and Walnut. The natural warm tones of these woods pairs well with yellow gold. Want contrast? Look at modern materials like Black Zirconium.

At Stonebrook Jewelry, we also carry more exotic wood options. These range from intense colors like Blueberry and Jade Wood to bold patterned wood grains for Thuya Burl and Bocote. Here, the choice of ring metal is even more important. Darker woods hold their own against reflective materials like Damascus Steel, while complex grains are often best reserved for matte or neutral metals like Titanium.

Caring For Your Lashbrook Wood Ring

You may think that a hardwood ring requires a lot of maintenance. However, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that it should last a lifetime with only occasional care. Some tips include:

  • Take the ring off when working with chemicals and household cleaners
  • Avoid extended exposure to water
  • Get the protective resin seal refinished as needed

Woods Rings From Around the World

When choosing a wedding band to wear for life, you want nothing but the highest quality. That's why, at Stonebrook Jewelry, we stock Lashbrook wood rings. Browse our online store to see our stunning selection of over 30 types of premium hardwood. If Lashbrook wood rings aren’t the right choice for you, we have tons of other options for you to choose from.

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