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Are you looking for a mens wedding band that stands out from the crowd? Take it back to the basics and consider the material it's made from. You don't have to stick with traditional metals like titanium or gold. There are a lot of alternatives out there including ceramic and hardwood. These look great on their own and spectacular when mixed and matched. Here are three ring styles for a wedding band with visual impact:

Contrasting Materials For Mens Wedding Bands

Warm, vibrant wood contrasts beautifully with cool, austere metal. Hardwoods with strong grain are set off beautifully by the unique patterns of Damascus steel. Some of the most dramatic woods you can find are Bocote, Jade wood, and Red Heart.

Contrasting Textures For Mens Wedding Rings

Texture can mean a lot of things here. A hammered finish contrasts beautifully with the clean lines of a simple ring. Meanwhile, materials like Damascus and Mokume have a swirling pattern due to their manufacturing process. You can also get designs etched in like mountains and tire treads.

Contrasting Colors Of Mens Wedding Bands

Golds, silvers, and grays dominate the market, but you have a lot of options for bright colors as well. In some cases, this is achieved by anodizing titanium to create vivid colors ranging from green to indigo. Another option here is Cerakote ceramic. This smooth and durable material is available in a wide variety of shades. A rule of thumb here is: the more vivid the color, the more it should stay an accent.

Lashbrook Designs Leads the Market

Stonebrook Jewelry is proud to offer some of the most creative and classy ring designs out there. Lashbrook designs let you think outside the box and showcase your personal style in an exciting and dramatic way. View the options on our website to get a closer look at some of these striking color, texture, and material combinations.

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