Lashbrook Wedding Bands

Choosing the right mens wedding ring is about more than just picking a striking piece. You want something that fits your personality and lifestyle. Not every ring is right for everyone, so take a little time to think about what you want your ring to do and what you'll be putting it through. Here are a few suggestions for bands to match your style:

Traditional Style Mens Wedding Bands

If you're a traditionalist, you probably want a ring that will withstand the test of time. Gold bands are classic, but they don't have to be simple. Update them with engravings or hammered texture finishes.

Mens Wedding Bands For Executive Lifestyle

If you're living a high-powered, executive lifestyle, you want a ring that embodies understated class. Less is more here so skip the flashy finishes and complex designs. It's hard to go wrong with a solid band in dark Damascus or sophisticated wood grain.

Mens Wedding Bands For Sports Lovers

Men with sporty lifestyles need a rugged ring that can hold up to a lot. Comfort is also a big factor; you don't want a band that will chafe against your finger while tossing a ball around. Look for materials like comfortably smooth hardwood sleeves or ruggedly durable titanium.

Mens Wedding Bands for Creative Lifestyle

Creative personalities want a wedding band that showcases this to the world. Traditional choices of gold and titanium may not cut it here. Instead, let your creativity show with unusual materials and combinations like Gibeon meteorite and rose gold or vividly anodized titanium.

Lashbrook Wedding Bands: Style Meets Function at Stonebrook Jewelry

Stonebrook Jewelry is one of the web's leading sources of Lashbrook wedding bands. Visit our store to see a wide selection of styles. These range from sporty to chic to classic minimalism designs. Don't see what you need? We also offer a custom design service that can create the right band for you.

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