Lashbrook Meteorite Rings

Meteorites flew through space for thousands of years. However, after reaching Earth, they can acquire some wear and tear. Here's a quick guide on what to look for in a meteorite ring and how to keep this unique piece of jewelry looking its best.

What Type of Meteorite?

Meteorites vary depending on their iron and nickel composition. The more iron, the faster they'll rust. Lashbrook meteorite rings use Gibeon meteorite which is known world-wide for its beauty and durability. It has an unusually high nickel content, making it perfect for jewelry use.

How to Care For Your Meteorite Ring?

Prevention is your best line of defense here. Luckily, Gibeon meteorite is hard wearing. It will likely need only minimal maintenance. In fact, if you wear it continuously, your skin's natural oils will help protect the stone from rusting. You can enhance this effect by rubbing in a little gun oil or other specialized products.

Try to avoid exposure to salt water or harsh chemicals like chlorine and bleach. Common culprits here include household cleansers, ocean water, chlorinated pools, and laundry products. If your ring does come in contact with these substances, rinse it well and reapply protective oil.

What If Your Meteorite Ring Rusts?

In the rare cases that a Gibeon meteorite ring does start to rust, we recommend that you have it professionally cleaned and re-sealed. Act fast as soon as you notice the problem and your band will most likely be restored to like new condition.

The Right Mens Wedding Band For You

Stonebrook Jewelry is home to a wide selection of Lashbrook meteorite rings. We pair our meteorite with the finest metals around, from black zirconium to traditional gold to Damascus steel. Browse Lashbrook meteorite rings on our website to see the stunning mens wedding bands that use this unique stone.

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